CQMED - Jon Elkins
Jon Elkins, DPhil
Former Principal Investigator Kinases/ Chief Scientific Officer
Rebeka Fanti
MsC Student
Rebeka Fanti is currently working on the development of a novel antibacterial drug screening technology. She joined CQMED as a technician in July 2018 and in March 2019 she was accepted into the Genetics and Molecular Biology Graduate program at UNICAMP. She has a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology from Missouri Baptist University, USA.
CQMED - Claudia Lima
Claudia Lima
Project Analyst
Claudia supports project management and responsable to organize controls fiscal documents to report for agencies and partners. She graduated in Business Administration and Marketing Qualification from Faculdade Anhanguera Valinhos, SP, Brazil (1999).
Angela Fala, PhD
Research Scientist
Angela is a post-doctoral research associate developing project with human kinases aiming drug discovery and structural characterization, in specific kinases with RNA domain. She is also leading the insect cells platform for protein production. She obtained her MSc in Bioscience Medical department at UNICAMP, in collaboration with SGC-Oxford (2013) and got her PhD in Biosciences and Technology of Bioactive Products from UNICAMP (2017).
CQMED - Caio Reis
Caio Reis, PhD
Research Scientist
Caio´s research is focused on target-based drug discovery, targeting DHFR from NTMs. He is also leading crystallography platform. His expertise comprises cloning, protein production and purification; crystallography; biochemical and biophysical studies. Caio obtained his Msc and PhD in Biomolecular Physics at USP.
Gustavo Riboldi, PhD
Research Associate
Luiz Dutra, PhD
Research Associate
Natassia Oliveira, PhD
Research Scientist
Natassia’s current research interests are protein degradation during synthesis and its effect on human neurons viability. She obtained MSc in Tissue Repair Odontology from UFU, Brazil (2012) and PhD in Buco-Dental Biology from UNICAMP (2016).
CQMED - Paulo Godoi
Paulo Godoi, PhD
Research Associate
Ricado Serafim, PhD
Research Scientist
Ricardo’s research focus is on design and synthesis of small-molecules targeting human kinases by structure-based approach. He obtained his PhD at Pharmaceutical Sciences from USP (2016).
Stanley Vasconcelos, PhD
Research Scientist
Stanley is a medicinal chemist at SGC/CQMED working on the design and synthesis of protein kinases inhibitors. He received his MSc and PhD in organic chemistry from the University of São Paulo. Internship on organic chemistry from the University of Massachusetts and the University of Toronto.
Opher Gileadi
Former Principal investigator / Chief Scientific Officer
Carla Chiodi, PhD
Research Associate
Bruno Aquino, PhD
Research Associate
CQMED - Dev Sriranganadane
Dev Sriranganadane, PhD
Research Associate
Roberta Ruela de Sousa, PhD
Research Associate
CQMED - foto perfil Alyne
Alyne Nascimento
Technician in Biochtecnology
CQMED - Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira, PhD
IT Manager
Priscila Mezzomo
Gabriela Batista Bastos
Technical Training Fellow
Gabriela studies lysine metabolism in the saccharopine pathway for both mammals and plants to understant its relation with genetic disorders such as pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy. She has experience in biochemistry and pharmacology and has a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology from the Federal University of Amazonas.
Sophia Pivatto Serra
Undergraduate Fellow
Sophia P. Serra is a technician at CQMED since March-2019. Her activities at CQMED include lab stock organization, solution and culture media preparation. She has a technical degree in biotechnology from ETECAP, Campinas, Brazil. Currently she is Biology undergraduate student at UNICAMP.
Carolina C. de Mello Freitas, PhD
Purchase Manager
Carolina is in charge of all lab purchases. She has experience in chemistry and pharmacy labs for 2 years, including chromatography techniques and pharmacological analysis. She got her PhD and MSc degree in Plant Biology (University of Campinas).
Carolina Catta-Preta, PhD
Research Scientist
Carolina is a postdoc in molecular parasitology working within the infectious diseases team. She is interested in Leishmania protein kinases as drug targets, and develops assays for assessing drug-like molecules target engagement in life cells. She obtained her PhD in Science (Biophysics) from UFRJ followed by a Post-doc at the WTCMP and UofYork (UK).
Gabriela M. de Abreu Gomes
PhD. Student
Gabriela G. is a PhD student working on cell biology of cancer. Her doctoral research investigates new molecular mechanisms and cell signalling pathways that link splicing kinases, DNA damage and cancer. Gabriela holds a master's degree in Physiology.
Gabriela Alves, PhD
Research Scientist
Gabriela is a postdoc with molecular, animal and cellular biology background. Her research area includes the study of RNA-binding proteins and the implementation of tumorigenic assays. She obtained her MSc (2016) and PhD (2020) in Applied Biochemistry from UFV.
Daniel Pompeu
Communication Analist
Daniel is interested in science, culture e public politics news coverage, creative writing and new ways of storytelling. He is journalist (University of Uberlândia) and specialist in Science Communication. Currently he is Master Student at University of Campinas.
Érico Lins, PhD
Érico's research interest is focused on cellular mechanisms that drive translation of mRNA and how it is regulated in neuronal processes. He obtained his PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology at University of Campinas and currently investigates translational control of mRNA neuronal targets and how this affects protein cellular levels, using classic biochemistry and high-throughput methods such as next-generation sequencing.
Erika Piccirillo, PhD
Research Scientist
Erika´s research is focused on compound screening using biochemical assays to identify novel antibiotics. She has experience with enzymology, cell assays and computational chemistry. She is pharmacist, obtained her PhD in Chemistry at USP with an internship at Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg.
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