Former Members

Opher Gileadi, PhD
Former Principal investigator / Chief Scientific Officer
CQMED - Jon Elkins
Jon Elkins, PhD
Former Principal Investigator / Chief Scientific Officer
Gustavo Riboldi, PhD
Research Associate
Luiz Dutra, PhD
Research Associate
Natassia Oliveira, PhD
Research Scientist
CQMED - Paulo Godoi
Paulo Godoi, PhD
Research Associate
Ricardo Serafim, PhD
Research Scientist
Carla Chiodi, PhD
Research Associate
Bruno Aquino, PhD
Research Associate
CQMED - Dev Sriranganadane
Dev Sriranganadane, PhD
Research Associate
Roberta Ruela de Sousa, PhD
Research Associate
CQMED - foto perfil Alyne
Alyne Nascimento
Technician in Biochtecnology
CQMED - Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira, PhD
IT Manager
Priscila Mezzomo
Gabriela Batista Bastos
Technical Training Fellow
Sophia Pivatto Serra
Undergraduate Fellow
Rebeka Fanti
MsC Student
Angélica Hollunder Klippel, PhD
Gabriela M. de Abreu Gomes
PhD. Student
Vitor Medeiros, PhD
Research Scientist
Stanley Vasconcelos, PhD
Research Scientist
Taniris Cafiero Braga, PhD
Jessica Takarada, PhD
Research Scientist
Gabriela Alves, PhD
Research Scientist
Érico Lins, PhD
Carolina Catta-Preta, PhD
Research Scientist
CQMED - Claudia Lima
Claudia Lima
Project Analyst
CQMED - Caio Reis
Caio Reis, PhD
Research Scientist
Angela Fala, PhD
Research Scientist
Carolina de Mello Freitas, PhD
Purchase Manager
Erika Piccirillo, PhD
Research Scientist
Daniel Pompeu
Communication Analist
João Pedro Ramos
Social Media Analyst
João is a professional journalist and advertising copywriter with extensive experience in creating content related to health, pharmaceuticals, science and a diverse range of other subjects. He holds a degree in journalism from PUC-Campinas and has been working in the field since 2009.
Suélen Fernandes Silva, PhD.
Research Scientist
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