Principal Investigators

CQMED - Paulo Arruda
Paulo Arruda, PhD
General Coordinator
Paulo Arruda is full Professor of the Department of Genetics at the Institute of Biology, University of Campinas. His research interests are directed towards understanding the regulation of gene expression and its impact on amino acid metabolism and stress response.
CQMED - Katlin B Massirer
Katlin B. Massirer, PhD
Principal Investigator
Katlin´s investigates RNA regulation including chemical inhibitors for splicing kinases, RNA binding proteins related to stress granule formation, microRNAs and the development of computational tools. Pharmacist, PhD and post-doc in Genetics and Bioinformatics from UCSD, USA, researcher at CBMEG/UNICAMP.
Rafael Couñago, PhD
Principal Investigator
Together with academic and industry partners, Rafael's research group at CQMED develops chemical tools to facilitate the discovery of new therapeutic targets for human diseases. Rafael obtained a MSc in Genetics (UFRJ) and a PhD in Biochemsitry and Cell Biology (Rice University, USA), and worked as a research scientist in laboratories the US, New Zealand, and Australia before coming back home and joining CQMED in 2015.
Mário H Bengtson, PhD
Principal Investigator
Mários’s is dedicated to understand the translational regulation of gene expression through quality control of protein synthesis and physiological regulation of gene expression. PhD in Biochemistry from USP, (2002), postdoc in Genomics Institute of Novartis Foundation (2006) and Scripps Research Institute (2012).
Fabio Papes, PhD
Principal Investigator
Fabio is interested in understanding how neural systems work at the cellular and molecular levels. He is Ph.D. in Genetics and  Molecular Biology and was a research fellow at Harvard University and Scripps Research. Since 2008 he is professor at the Department of Genetics from the Institute of Biology, University of Campinas.

Research Team

André Santiago, PhD
Research Scientist
André is studying the structural biology of CAMKK group of kinases to develop chemical probe. He obtained his MSc from UESC (Brazil) in 2010, and his PhD from UNICAMP (2015). Currently, he is coordinating the large-scale protein production in heterologous system using E. Coli at CQMED.
Bruno Amaral, PhD
Reserach Scientist
Bruno has experience in affinity-based screening assays for ligand prospecting and liquid chromatography. He obtained his MSc in Chemistry from UNESP (2015) and PhD in Science (Chemistry) from UFSCar (2019).
CQMED - Caio Reis
Caio Reis, PhD
Research Scientist
Caio´s research is focused on target-based drug discovery, targeting DHFR from NTMs. He is also leading crystallography platform. His expertise comprises cloning, protein production and purification; crystallography; biochemical and biophysical studies. Caio obtained his Msc and PhD in Biomolecular Physics at USP.
Érico Lins, PhD
Érico's research interest is focused on cellular mechanisms that drive translation of mRNA and how it is regulated in neuronal processes. He obtained his PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology at University of Campinas and currently investigates translational control of mRNA neuronal targets and how this affects protein cellular levels, using classic biochemistry and high-throughput methods such as next-generation sequencing.
Gabriela Alves, PhD
Reserach Scientist
Gabriela is a postdoc with molecular, animal and cellular biology background. Her research area includes the study of RNA-binding proteins and the implementation of tumorigenic assays. He obtained her MSc (2016) and PhD (2020) in Applied Biochemistry from UFV.
CQMED - Jessica Takarada
Jessica Takarada, PhD
Research Scientist
Jessica’s research is focused on analog-sensitive kinases to tray kinase substrates and discover their pathways in cells. She obtained her degree in Biotechnology from Federal University of Alfenas (2014) and her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy (2017).
CQMED - lucas de souza
Lucas de Souza, PhD
Research Scientist
Lucas's research is biochemical and structural characterization of understudied human methyltransferases aiming to reveal their biological function. He obtained MSc in Science and Technology/Chemistry from UFABC (2013) and PhD in Biosystems from UFABC (2017).
Micael R. Cunha, PhD
Research Scientist
Micael has experience in medicinal chemistry. His work comprises the design and optimization of small molecules and chemical probes for different targets. He obtained his Ph.D. at the University of São Paulo, in collaboration with the Universität Bern (2019).
Priscila Zonzini, PhD
Research Scientist
Priscila is interested in studying protein kinases to identify and validate therapeutic targets for neglected tropical diseases. She obtained her MSc (2012) and PhD (2016) in Genetics and Molecular Biology from UNICAMP and worked in collaboration with Hospital Ramón y Cajal in Madrid, Spain (2014).
Vitor Medeiros, PhD
Reserach Scientist
Vitor is researching the protein LMTK3 as a possible target for cancer treatment. He is a pharmacist, obtained his MSc and PhD  in Biochemistry at USP with an internship at Yale University. He has experience with enzymology and structural biology
Ítalo Esposti, MSc
PhD. Student
Ítalo activities include solution preparation and transfections, maintenance of eukaryotic cell culture, high-throughput cloning, large-scale protein expression and purification, target engagement assays and immunocytochemistry to analyze the effects of inhibitors. .He is graduated in Biological Sciences from UENF, Brazil and MSc. in Structural and Cell Biology from UFV, Brazil.
Gabriel Vieira Valderrama
PHD. Student
Gabriel started as a technician in CQMED in June 2017. He got his bachelor degree in Pharmacy from the UNIP, Brazil. His activities include experiments in qPCR and PCR, cell culture maintenance, cell culture room organization, preparation of solutions and more.
Heloisa Prado
Masters Student
Heloisa has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from UNICAMP. She has experience in mental health research and is currently  conducting research in the area of RNA and drug discovery as a masters student at CQMED.
Renan Vinicius de Araujo
Renan is searching for novel chemical probes for kinases employing fragment screening. He obtained his BSc. degree from University of São Paulo (2020) with internships at University of Groningen (2016) and University of Copenhagen (2019). He is also interested in science communication, having published the book "Super-heróis da ciência" (2021).
Carolina Nunes Santo
Carolina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences from UFRGS. She has experience on epigenetic modulation of glioblastomas and now her focus in on identification of new targets for Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome therapy.
Sophia Pivatto Serra
Undergraduate Fellow
Sophia P. Serra is a technician at CQMED since March-2019. Her activities at CQMED include lab stock organization, solution and culture media preparation. She has a technical degree in biotechnology from ETECAP, Campinas, Brazil. Currently she is Biology undergraduate student at UNICAMP.
Israel Vasconcelos
Technical Training Fellow
Bachelor of Biomedicine and Master of Science (emphasis in Biochemistry) at FMRP/USP, working on a research project involving analysis of Alzheimer disease biomarkers in an animal model.
Gabriele Celis Silva
Technical Training Fellow
Technician at CQMED since March, 2021. Gabriele has a Bachelor's degree in Biomedicine from UNIRP, with license in Clinical Pathology. Had previous experience with animal models of ASD and temporal lobe epilepsy.

Administrative Team

CQMED - Nathalia Zocal
Nathalia Zocal, MSc
Project Manager
Nathalia works on project management, financial implementation and management of public and private projects. She obtained her degree in Biotecnology from UNISO, Brazil (2011) and MSc. in Medical Sciences from UNICAMP (2014)
Paula Malloy, MSc
Project Manager
Paula works on strategic innovation management and project management at CQMED. She obtained her degree in Biology, from PUC-MG (2005), MSc in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from UNIFESP (2009), and MBA in Project and innovation management from IETEC (2012), 10 years of experience in R&D management.
CQMED - Claudia Lima
Claudia Lima
Project Analyst
Claudia supports project management and responsable to organize controls fiscal documents to report for agencies and partners. She graduated in Business Administration and Marketing Qualification from Faculdade Anhanguera Valinhos, SP, Brazil (1999).
CQMED - Marcella Braga
Marcella Braga, PhD
Lab Manager
Marcella Braga is the laboratory manager at CQMED. She has a PhD. in Molecular Biology from UNIFESP, and a MSc in Biophysics from UFRJ. Marcella is in charge of biosafety, equipment maintenance/training, besides coordinating the team technician.
Carolina C. de Mello Freitas, PhD
Purchase Manager
Carolina is in charge of all lab purchases. She has experience in chemistry and pharmacy labs for 2 years, including chromatography techniques and pharmacological analysis. She got her PhD and MSc degree in Plant Biology (University of Campinas).
Paula Drummond, PhD
Communication Manager
Paula is motivated by making science attractive to different audiences. She’s been writing about science since 2013. Biologist, specialist in science communication, PhD in Science and Technology Policy and post doc in Science Dissemination at Labjor (Unicamp).
Daniel Pompeu
Communication Analist
Daniel is interested in science, culture e public politics news coverage, creative writing and new ways of storytelling. He is journalist (University of Uberlândia) and specialist in Science Communication. Currently he is Master Student at University of Campinas.
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