2024 “From Genes to Drugs” Summer School – Jan 15 to 26, 2024

The From Genes to Drugs Summer School is a two-week graduate course offered by the Graduate Program in Genetics and Molecular Biology from IB-UNICAMP (Institute of Biology). This is a full-time, practical course on the steps of Target-based Drug Discovery. The official language of the course is English and the fluency in the language is expected.
Our January 2024th course will be the third edition of the course, which takes place at CQMED in Campinas.

Who Should Attend?

The course is offered to graduate students (Masters and PhD) who have basic knowledge in the field and who will apply the concepts in their projects.

Number of vacancies

  • 20 vacancies will be offered for the course

What will you learn:

1. Practical Experience: The course will help improve practical, hands-on experience allowing participants to plan adequately the target-based drug discovery experiments.
2. Cloning, Expression, and Purification: Participants will plan and execute high-throughput cloning, protein expression and purification for four druggable protein- targets
3. Small-Molecule Inhibitors: Participants will learn how to identify small-molecule binders and inhibitors. They will perform experiments used to assess their potency, selectivity, to understand the structure-activity relationship and to evaluate target engagement in cell.
4. Understanding Drug Development Challenges: The course is designed to discuss the challenges involved in drug discovery, preparing students to work on medicinal chemistry projects.

Application Process

To enroll in the course, applicants need to apply for a selective process before the enrolment in the graduate course. Interest students are required to complete the form available on the CQMED website by December 4th. Admitted applicants should register for the course “NG289 – From Genes to Drugs: An Introduction to Target-Based Drug Discovery” through the Sistema de Gestão Acadêmica – SIGA from the Academic Directorate of Unicamp between December 18 and 20.

Esta é uma disciplina de pós-graduação. Para ingresso no curso, é necessário se inscrever na seleção antes da matrícula. Candidatos/as ao curso devem preencher o formulário até dia 4 de dezembro. Alunos aceitos serão comunicados e deverão se matricular na disciplina: “NG289 – From Genes to Drugs: An Introduction to Target-Based Drug Discovery”. A matrícula deve ser realizada pelo Sistema de Gestão Acadêmica – SIGA entre 18 e21 de dezembro de 2023.

Há dois tipos de matrícula
–  Alunos regulares e ingressantes da pós-graduação em Genética e Biologia Molecular da Unicamp: seguem o processo normal de matrícula nas disciplinas.
Alunos especiais: aqueles que estão vinculados a outros programas de pós da Unicamp ou de outras universidades (leia aqui).

Financial Support

There will be partial financial support for housing and meals for students outside of Campinas. Students outside the State of São Paulo are encouraged to apply.

Course Program

The program covers a comprehensive range of topics, including:

  • High-throughput cloning
  • Small-scale, high-throughput test expression
  • Protein expression and purification
  • Protein crystallization
  • Computational analyses of protein: ligand complexes
  • Screening of small-molecule inhibitors
  • Inhibition measurements by enzymatic assays
  • Nanobret

==> Find the general schedule here.

Key Dates

 Date  Event  Instructions
 4 December 2023  Application Deadline  Fill the form here
 14 December 2023  Release of the selected students (by email)  Check your email
 18 – 20 December 2023  Unicamp enrollment (only selected students will be accepted) – Regular and income students enrollment

– Special students enrollment

 15 – 26 January 2024  From Genes to Drugs Summer School  Follow the Schedule

Course Coordinators:

  • Course Coordination: Katlin Massirer (CBMEG/Unicamp), Mário Bengston (IB/Unicamp), and Leonardo Talachia Rosa (IB/Unicamp), Rafael Counago (CQMED/Unicamp & UNC/USA), Opher Gileadi (SGC/Upsalla).
  • Course Organization: Fulvia Di Pillo (CQMED), Marcella Reis (CQMED), Bruna Trajano (CQMED) and Nathalia Zocal (CQMED).
  • Communication Office:Paula Drummond (CQMED), João Pedro Ramos (CQMED) and Daniel Rangel (CQMED)


  • Fulvia Di Pillo (CQMED) – | +55 (19) 3521 – 4981

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